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PROJECT - austrian premiere

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EVENTS - Austrian premiere of "KICK OFF" in Graz

It´s been a grand day for all of us…

Last Saturday, February 19th, Kick Off – hell bent for 90 minutes has finally had its longed-for première in the ELEVEN hometown Graz. There were two shows in the “Filmzentrum Rechbauer” cinema, one at 2 p.m. and one at midnight, both of which were filled with the ELEVEN team, relatives, friends and fans. The atmosphere was great!

Certainly, the film has exceeded all our expectations. Not only has the team caught the atmosphere of the Euro 2004, also many corresponding aspects have been examined in a very entertaining way: Old rivalries are uncovered, opinions that no one has asked for as yet are presented, many different attitudes are given equal importance and are merged into an interesting documentary. Thus, the viewers realized that, apart from the big championship there was much more going on last July in Portugal.

That the film was a great success could be seen not only by the reactions of the viewers during the show. Although the second show was rather late in the evening people were watching with great interest and attention. After the show everybody wanted to shake Roland’s hand, as he is the mastermind of the project. He produced, directed, photographed and edited the film.

Afterwards we all went to the restaurant Malaga, where we were served fingerfood and, of course, port. It was an atmospheric ending of the evening and on behalf of everybody who was there I would like to thank the ELEVEN team, especially Roland and Martin, for the invitation!

Another success was the music of the film. Heinz and Tankred, the main musicians, have managed to produce a very lively soundtrack that perfectly fits the film. By the way, the soundtrack will be available soon, too.

To sum up, the evening was a great success for ELEVEN. Still, it is to be mentioned that ELEVEN is still looking for sponsors, especially as they would like to show the film in the cinema for at least two weeks.

So far, thanx to everybody who supported the project and keep your eyes open for what´s coming up next!


© by Elisabeth Henning